The power of Reveni Unveiled

The ultimate guide on how Reveni is turning returns into a sales lever 

 While returns might represent one of the most painful aspects brands have to deal with, they are inevitable. But what if we tell you that you can leverage returns to increase your repurchase rate by 35%? Or boost your Average Order Value by nearly 20%? Or even better, we can help you turn more than one third of your returns into instant exchanges?

In fact, at Reveni we believe that returns, more than an unfortunate inevitability, represent an opportunity for online brands to open up new revenue streams and therefore sales.

To prove that, we carefully analysed the data on the results across a number of brands in the Apparel and Fashion industry that have activated Reveni. In this report you will find:

1The Impact of Instant Refunds on the Repurchase Rate

2The Impact of Instant Refunds on the Speed in the Repurchase Rate

3The Impact of Instant Refunds on the Average Order Value 

4The Impact of Instant Exchanges on the Refund Processes 

You are just one click away from boosting your sales thanks to instant exchanges