Build customer loyalty with a frictionless returns and exchanges process

Deluem, a fashion brand with its own identity, knew how important it was to offer a unique post-sales experience to its customers to encourage repeat sales. A loyalty that has boosted its growth.

Lucía Suárez, Co-founder & Creative Director at Deluem, and Virginia, Marketing & Communications at the firm, highlight how important it has been to work with Reveni to improve their operations and offer a simple and agile process to their clients in all matters relating to returns and exchanges.

What Lucía and Virginia tell you in this case study:

ico-1How moving from a manual returns process to an automated one has helped them de-stress their operations.. 

ico-2Why they decided to integrate Reveni as a partner in their returns operation.

ico-3How having a streamlined and simple returns process is helping them to drive repeat purchases from their customers.

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